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New world

Feb 19, 2009
Dear Wizard101,

I have an idea for a new world. I think it would be nice if there was a world that was underwater. I would not know what to call this world, but it is the idea that i want to discuss. Also, maybe in the world, there can be a large castle where a leader like the lord of the water would live. Please think about adding my idea to the game.

Jan 28, 2009
ohmygod totally!!! an there could be underwater casltes and sidewalk and the caracters could have air tanks to breathe...an they could fight sharks and crabs and the good people could be dolphins!!! an the king could be Neptune!! ohmygod that sounds sooooo cool please do it an name it Searania!

Feb 23, 2009

I love the idea of an underwarter world. I have a idea to a sky world, it will be in the cloudes good guys will be eagles bad guys will be crowes and other mean birds one of the boses could be king crow. please tell me what you think .

for underwater
for sky

Jun 07, 2009
Jul 19, 2009
think there all good idea but, here one that could combined the two. it might have to get some linceing but, how about the mushroom kingdom. mario in his own right could pass as a balence wizard. wih his fire clive invisable star make him electic like strom and the mushroom make him big like myth.. mushroom kingdom has underwater area's and sky area's as well as castle's like where you can duel bowser.