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New Wizard Type Anyone

Apr 19, 2010
Okey so here is what my idea is..

Me and my friends were discussing mix and match subjects while dueling some ice trolls and one such subject was elements. We all know them Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Death, and of course life and Balance.

Now these are all fine if your just starting out but the idea is this, to add one more wizards type to the game. One for those who have achieved lvl 60 or above, and being every type of magic has its counter which it can hurt best I figured the new Wizard should be the Chaos Wizard. A very powerful but hard adversary to work with an control. Really only for those who have gone through the game and know the ropes via having to be lvl 60.

I think it would be sweet to add a new wizard in reserved for Veteran players who want to take a stab at something a bit more complicated. Anyways holla at me peeps tell me what you think of the idea.

Seth the Unknown Pyromancer Legend