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new wizard 101 bundle name ant hill bundle

May 23, 2013
her is my idea way not make a new wizard 101 bundle and call it ant hill house bundle
the ant house can be a ant hill and the players shrinks down to get in side it as for the mount
the player can rid a 2 player ant mount for the pet they can get a queen ant that has a card that wan you us it will summon a wave of ants to attack all enemies you are fighting now for the Armour i was thinking it should make the player look like a big ant the weapon can be mad out of ant that Change color the longer your in a fight

May 20, 2018
here a new bundle idea sea beach home bundle
a sea monkey pet with frost dragon card and its an ice pet
the sea beach estate home with pvp ring out side of the home
a four person sea horse mount 40% speed boost
a sea clam wand with may flaming dragon that hits all
the sea rider hat with 400 damage and 300 block and 1000 heath
the sea rider boots 300 damage 400 cirt and 967 heath
and the sea rider robe give 1200 heath and 400 block and 200 damage
comes with 5000 crowns or 1 month membership