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New Wand Ideas for Level 90 (School wands)

Sep 03, 2009

Sword of the Efreet

180 Fire damage, 170 Storm Damage, 170 Ice damage

Gives two Fire blade item cards

Animation: The wizard will deal a blow to an enemy like an Efreet dealing a blow to an enemy with his sword


Lantern of the Angel

180 Ice damage, 170 Fire Damage, 170 Storm damage

Gives two Ice blade item cards

Animation: The wizard's lantern will shoot out a blast of ice and snow like the Snow Angel does with his.


Bolt of the Gods

185 Storm damage, 160 Fire Damage, 150 Ice damage

Gives two Storm blade item cards

Animation: The wizard will hurl his bolt at the enemy like a storm lord would normally do.

That's all i got for now :)

Jul 07, 2012
Let me add on to these, with standing animations, Criticals/Blocks, and Spiritual/Balance school wands.



Blade of the Efreet

3 Fire Wand Item Cards [170 Fire Damage]
2 Fire Blade Item Cards [+20% Fire Blade]
2 Fire Trap Item Cards [+15% Fire Trap]
+5% Piercing Rating
60 Critical
30 Critical Block
Standing Animation:
A double-handed sword that is red and white, looks like a blade from the Kirin's Hoard pack, but not glowing.
Battle Animation:
Instead of throwing the sword, the wizard slams the sword onto the enemy.


Lantern of the Angels

3 Ice Wand Item Cards [170 Ice Damage]
2 Ice Blade Item Cards [+25% Ice Blade]
2 Ice Trap Item Cards [+20% Ice Trap]
+4% Piercing Rating
40 Critical
60 Critical Block
Standing Animation:
The Wizard stands with their right arm out, holding the lantern, which is glowing a blue color.
Battle Animation [Casting]:
The Wizard holds the Lantern up and waits for the spell to cast, then puts it down.
Battle Animation [Attack]:
The Wizard stands in middle of the battle, holding the lantern high. The lantern glows and light goes towards the enemy, damaging them.


Shock of the Leviathan [Different Name, for Celestian spells]

3 Storm Wand Item Cards [170 Storm Damage]
2 Storm Blade Item Cards [+15% Storm Blade]
2 Storm Trap Item Cards [+10% Storm Trap]
+7% Piercing Rating
80 Critical
30 Block
Standing Animation:
The Wizard stands holding a Lightning Bolt that shocks with a purplish aura radiating out of it. The Wizard holds it like a Bow.
Battle Animation:
The Wizard throws the bolt like a Kraken does, but the blow takes a little longer to activate.


Note: These have Wand Animations too


Palms of the Forest Lord

3 Life Wand Item Cards [170 Life Damage]
2 Life Blade Item Cards [+25% Life Blade]
2 Life Trap Item Cards [+10% Life Trap]
+5% Piercing Rating
50 Critical
50 Block
Standing Animation:
The Wizard stands with gloves on their hands, standing as though they aren't holding a wand. The glove has a bump on the back that is green.
Battle Animation [Casting]:
The Wizard jumps and does a flip, and lands like the Shaolin Monkey pet stands.
Battle Animation [Attack]:
The Wizard does a hand-stand on the enemy, then bounces back [While this happens, the gloves are glowing].


Radiation of the Skeleton

3 Death Wand Item Cards [170 Death Damage]
2 Death Blade Item Cards [+25% Death Charm]
2 Death Trap Item Cards [+20% Death Trap]
+6% Piercing Rating
60 Critical
40 Block
Standing Animation:
Both hands are in front of the Wizard's torso [Chest] area, with black and dark blue lights radiating out of their hands.
Battle Animation [Casting]:
Just like they would cast a bow, but without taking the bow back from its floating, for there is no bow.
Battle Animation [Attack]:
The Wizard throws the radiation at the enemy, damaging them.


Medusa's Blades of Aftermath [Special for Myth Only]

3 Myth Wand Item Cards [10+160 Myth Damage]
2 Myth Blade Item Cards [+20% Myth Blade]
2 Myth Trap Item Cards [+10% Myth Trap]
+7% Piercing Rating
60 Critical
50 Block
Standing Animation:
The Wizard stands like Nalia Dunestrider in Wysteria, but with two blades in hand.
Battle Animation [Casting]:
The Wizard spins in a circle, and clashes their blades together to cast the spell.
Battle Animation [Attack]:
The Wizard spins in a circle, throws both blades in the air, catches them, and hurls them at the enemy.



Staff of the Sun [Special for Balance Only, Coresponding with Sun School]

3 Sun Wand Item Cards [170 Sun Damage]
2 Balance Blade Item Cards [+15% Blade]
2 Blade Storm Item Cards [+10% Blade]
Standing Animation:
Just like a staff, but is Ra's staff.
Battle Animation [Casting]:
Same as Regular Staff
Battle Animation [Attack]:
Just like Ra Spell, except the Wizard just holds the staff up.

Thank You For Reading :)
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