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New "wand"

Aug 23, 2018
Hello everyone!

Hey, you know those acts at circuses where the fire breather takes a swig of Oil and spits it into a torch to create a huge conflagration in the air for children's amusement?


Well I think it would be awesome to see something like this for fire wizards to use as an alternative wand typing (besides the wand-staff-knife-axe/shield things we have now)

One hand has a small torch, other has the oil, two handed like the axe-shield combos

How about a blowdart gun for Life wizards? (they poisoned them for hunting you know)

jug of poison (small bottle shaped like a skull) to toss at enemies for death?

as a funny one, maybe 2 balloons to create static for Storm wizards?

These are all just fun ideas, they don't really make the game better per say, but add some options people may enjoy

Thoughts? Ideas? criticism?

Jan 11, 2009
Yeah, the wand attacks recently have been a little lacking. I'd love to see some new natural attacks either in those forms or within the ones where you don't go into the middle to cast them. The shadow one was pretty neat, but the school specific ones have gotten super stale

Sep 27, 2011
This is a great idea.

I would like to suggest a Power Bolt that the wizard releases from their hands. This is just like the DragonBallZ Power Bolt release of Goku and Vegeta.

The wizard can cast this spell directly from their sigil where a bolt of power shoots from their hands.