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new wand

Sep 01, 2009
We had wands, we had staffs, and now most of the people have swords.
After the new update, we are able to go to level 60.
Can there be a new wand type available level 50+ and 55+ versions, or even a level 60 only version of "gloves"?
By the time you get that far into training, you would have been very good in magic. Why use a wand then?

these gloves work kinda the same as swords, you apear in the middle of the battle circle. to give a twist, each school has a different style.
Storm: you create a thunderbolt and chuck it at your enemy. explodes on contact
Life: Make vines grow from beside you and entangle your foe
Death: like the nightshade thing, pulls your soul out
Fire: like the sunbird, four flames go around the foe, and then swallows the foe in flames
Ice: blows icy wind at the foe
Myth: a Book opens to a page of any random myth creature. then flips pages to a picture of the foe, and snaps shut on the foe.
Balance: cause an explosion kinda like the big bang thing.

Like my idea?

Apr 12, 2009
Feb 18, 2010
Its an interesting idea.

i think it would look cool if it showed the animation that some of the bosses use. like when you fight Cyrus and he does that funnel of light thing, that would be kinda cool :)