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New Ultra Snacks

May 15, 2009
It's about time we got some new snacks to go along with the new set of Ultra improvements over the recent summer. Many people know that once your pet reaches ancient the task of reaching the next stage becomes a test of patience and hard work, but with each new stage that our pets can achieve it becomes more daunting than before to reach this new height and it's about time we got some new snacks to help give us the extra oomph during the later levels.

I'm talking about New ultra snacks (specifically snacks rank 10 and 11).

Ultra snacks would become available to purchase After Khrysalis, but would require a prerequisite quest to be able to purchase with gold or craft. Another option would be to buy an Ultra Snack Pack from the Crowns shop for 3400 crowns.

While a fair bit more expensive than the mega snack pack, it would overall give more exp on average than those from a mega snack pack.

The alternative to this as I said before would be to complete a quest that would allow you to purchase individual ultra snacks for gold or to buy a recipe and make them yourself.

I have a couple ideas on what kind of quest i'd like to see as a prerequisite to unlock them, but i'd like to hear some feedback before I do anything else