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New type of holiday

Aug 31, 2008
I was thinking if Wizard 101 could have there own holidays like it would be like this:

type of holiday: What happens:
Ice It snows and ice wizards only get new shoes
Fire Everything ( not like everything i mean ) is on fire. fire wi- zards only get new hats
Storm It rains and storm wizards only get new clothes
Myth Every one has 1 eye and myth wizards get new wands
Death Everything is cursed and death wizards only get new rings
Life Places look more beautiful and Life wizards only get new
Balance Desert storms come from a few places and Balance wizard
only get new pets

When i listed those things you get they are really good.
tell me if its good or have other ideas
From: Kenneth DuneWard lv. 27 ice
To: who ever you are