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New Transformations?

May 06, 2011
Just a question for Kingsisle, will there ever be more new transformations? I'm getting tired of the ones we have right now. Couldn't you make lots more? For example, a Samoorai. In Mooshu, they already have all the animations. Samoorai have a spell-casting animation and a walk animation, and I'm pretty sure there is much more animations for a Samoorai. I know it may crowd the crowns shop, but still, it would be really cool if there was more new transformations!

Katherine Dragonblade, level 88

Aug 15, 2012
I wish there were transformations for the second arc as well as the first arc. I guess they think that most kids (the people that use transformations more often) are all weeded out by Celestia or Zafaria. Even if I don't have the time it takes to slog through long dungeons to get to the higher worlds, it would still be nice if they had transformations for higher worlds.