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New Things that would be good in-game.

Jul 28, 2014
This is a list of different things that don't necessarily have anything to do with each other.

1: Make the Kraken a dungeon. The Kraken of Triton avenue in one of the most fought bosses in the game. I think I have seen an empty platform once, when I couldn't sleep and played at 3 am. It's about time it was made a dungeon so the people who actually need to do the quest can do so in peace.

2: Fix Ravenwood. I'm not asking to bring the death school back, (even though I'd like to), but I am asking to at least fix the road up a bit, just put some boards down or something. If your really feeling kind, give balance wizards a school maybe? I know Ravenwood isn't big enough, but maybe you could just re-design it when the next world (Monquista or something) comes in?

3: Spiral doors home. I'm pretty sure I understand the premise of Spiral doors. They can go anywhere provided that there's a spiral door there, and you have a keystone. So why can't we go to our homes? It would seem quite simple, and a keystone coming with a deed, so why not?

4: Trading Gold. Why can't I send my characters gold? I earned it, so why can't I give it? My other characters can access my crowns, so why not my gold?

I have more but I'm gonna go play a game whose models have more then 5 polygons