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New stuff!

May 31, 2010
New housing:
I think this house should belong in the crowns shop firstly, and here is the description:
It is like a tiny village. Multiple houses with multiple rooms. Maybe even a few buildings for shops and stuff (schools mainly.) there could be a main hall where there is a ranked pvp ring, with a game room upstairs. (I was thinking Grizzlehiem room for this house). There can be a little green house with shelves for pots, and a dirt area for planting. It could come complete with secret tunnels, and rooms (like in the massive fantasy palace).

New spells (9 pips)
Fire: Demon- hits 990 plus a -90% weakness
Ice: Yeti- hits 745 to all enemies, plus a tower shield to self.
Storm: Scylla- hits 1245 to all enemies, and can give the storm bubble.
Myth: Chimera- Lion head hits 550, while the snake hits an enhanced poison which hits a total of 1100. The goat...I have no idea.
Death: Melinoe- hits 990 to all enemies, plus an enhanced feint for all.
Life: Golden Hind- hits 815, plus absorb to self.
Balance: Sphinx- hits 1000 and gets rid of all shields.

Non-combat (1-4 pips):
Fire: Heat wave- gives enhanced traps to all (+45%) plus a fire bubble
Ice: Aurora- Gives -55% to next incoming spell to all friends, and a blade to self.
Storm: Hurricane- Gives storm traps to all, plus enhanced blade to self.
Myth: Mend- gives blade and a -85% to next incoming for the price of 200 life.
Death: Silence- for the price of 300 life, give -70% weakness or accuracy to all enemies.
Life: Poison Ivy- gives +45% healing blade to self, plus blade.
Balance: Hijack- steal all enemy traps and give balance blades to all friends for the cost of 300 life.

New shop:
I have heard a lot from people saying how the absolulty had to make another account because they didn't like the hair style or facial feature of the other character. Now I think that is a waste of time... So...to help I think that an addition to the dye shop will make a lot of people happy.
For the minimum price of 2000 gold, you can change anything about your face, or hair style or color.

New mounts!
Me and my sister have decided that a hound mount- like the heck, ice and storm hound- would be awesome...I really have nothing more to say to that.

Just...try my ideas! and maybe even give me the first sample of the house for free? :-D
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Sep 26, 2009
I am glad to see that you have such a large number of ideas for this game, but please organize your ideas into seperate posts to avoid overwhelming people who might read it. If you seperate your ideas into individual posts, they will show up for anyone searching for the respective type of idea. In addition, it is easier to respond to ideas one at a time. It is also a good idea to search your idea before posting about it, nobody likes hearing the same thing more than once. Lastly, I would like to hear more detail about the house and mount ideas. Houses are very large and complex, although I like the idea of a market street house, I am curious of the specifics like the sky, inside and outside, floor, initial wallpaper, special built in items, and anything else you can think of. I hope this helped.

This message is brought to you by enslaved manders, I hope it wasn't wrong to make them clean the house before I broke the curse.

Aug 21, 2010
KittygoRAWER wrote:
Fire: Demon- hits 990 plus a -90% weakness

I'm not sure where i've seen that spell before let me think...
Oh wait!

That's efreet!