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New Storyline Idea

Sep 15, 2008
To Start you must of Completed Grizzlehiem, and Defeated Malistare.
Merle Ambrose has found a disturbance in the spiral so he sends you to find it in Marleybone, and a portal has appeard in Barkingham Palace. Inside you will find Malistare being reborn by His Son Brendan (Don't ask how i got the name). And The Dragon Titan. Afterwords he is reborn and you must watch them escape. Go to Merle and we would like to get more allies in 4 new worlds (all acessible after this quest). And them confrot Malistare with his son and the dragon titan. The New Worlds could Be

Somesort Of Candy World
Somesort Of Aqua World
Somesort Of Magma World

Then you must head to the Titan's Realm, through a portal in WC to enter the Dark WC And do quests there to end up to defeat Malistare. Levels go up to 75? Around 5-8 New Spells per school. Plz Reply with suggestions

Apr 28, 2009
good idea! however, you should be able to access celestia after beating krok and then reaching level 30. (i sent in loads of ideas for that world) i especially love the candy world idea..... mmmmmm candy......