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new spells ideas

Jul 28, 2013
-spirit elemental-deals 200 , 200 , 200 , 200 , 200 , 200 damage.
-gobbler king-deals 1390 damage and stuns target for 2 rounds.
-evil skull-deals 1000 damage and steals half.
-mad volcano faces-deals 1650 damage.
-mega humongofrog-deals 1300 damage to all enemies.
-the healer-restores 4000 .
-electricity army-deals 1970 damage.
-mutate humongofrog-mutate humongofrog into fiery humogofrog.
-polymorph humongofrog-polymorh into creature for 6 rounds.
-ultra damage-+90% damage for 3 rounds.
-shadow master-2790 damage and stuns target for 3 rounds.

Aug 15, 2012
I assume these spells will be incorporated at the new max level? They sound OK but Ultra Damage is way overpowered unless it costs a fair amount of pips.
Sarai Thunderstrider

Apr 14, 2011
Balance: too weak.
Ice: balanced..
Death: too weak.
Fire: balanced.
Myth: too overpowered.
Life: way too overpowered.
Storm: slightly overpowered.
Sun: depends on how much damage fiery humongofrog does.
Moon: depends on the spells allowed.
Star: Extremely overpowered.
Shadow: extremely overpowered.
Going by each of the school's main focus, i suggest:
Balance: 200 from all schools, balance included.
Ice: same
Death: 1000 damage, half to health, -45% to next attack.
Fire: same.
Myth: 1050 to all
Life: 2000 health
Storm: 1800 damage.
Sun: depends
Moon: also depends
Star: +35% damage for 4 rounds
Shadow: i have no idea how this spell cost will work, so i'm leaving this alone.
All in all, great spells