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New spells for the level cap for celestia.

Aug 10, 2009


Jun 19, 2009
here's some

life-level 53
does: 550-650 damage
look:there's a mooshu style meadow with a samooria standing then pulls his sword out and slashes enemy with it

life-level 58(life only)
does:puts 2 spirit armor to all and 500 life damage to all
look:cactus in jungle is shown creats wall of thorns around you and freinds then shots thorns at all enemy's

death-level 53
name:supreme wrath
does:600-700 damage
look:everything is all misty then a skeleton hand grabs enemy and crushes them.

coyleghosthammer level 48 (finished)
taylorgoldenshield level 26 (knights court)
patrickwindbreacker level 5 (working on triton avenue)

Aug 08, 2010
I got a cool one:

Death:The Reaper's Nightmare- The ground shakes and out come a huge zombie looking hand(its like the life heal spell of the hand that comes out of a cloud) its makes close contact with the target by using its finger it shoots out a death beam that sucks some health 1000 and gives 250 to every teammate and stuns enemy for 2 rounds.

Jan 03, 2010
Here is my idea

Graphic description-a volcano pop up under an enemy and blast the enemy with lava doing 785-845 damage

Ice-Santa clause
Graphic description-The combat ring suddenly covered with snow and santa's sleigh fly down and hit an enemy doing 600-735 damage

Storm-power knock back
Graphic description-a hurricane appear in the middle off the battle ring and then it blast the enemy off the combat ring with a powerful wind blast

Balance-mana drain
Graphic description-hit you 500 and give you 25 mana

Life-full heal
Graphic description-restore all of everyone's health

Myth-mythic triangle
Graphic description-a giant triangle appear and hit the enemy doing 100 and 750 damage

Graphic description-allow you to sneak out of the battle

You get all the spell at level 58

Dec 15, 2009
myth can disable traps and wards right and there's a fire spell that steals a blade so i think it would be cool if myth could steal a minion

Dec 15, 2009
zacty98 wrote:
I have a couple spell ideas for all schools.

LavaSlide- 490-545 Damage. Obtained at Lv. 53
Foremost Fury- 95 Points of damage per pip. Obtained at Lv. 60

Frosty Vortex- 575-640 Damage. Obtained at Lv. 53
Hail's Cry- 430-490 Damage to all opponents. Stuns for one round. Obtained at Lv. 60

Lightning Storm- 720-740 Damage. Obtained at Lv. 53
Tsunami- 555-605 Damage to all opponents. Obtained at Lv. 60


Nymph- 1095 Health restored to an ally + 120 health restored for three rounds. Obtained at Lv. 53
WoodBane- 590-660 Damage. Obtained at Lv. 60

Myth- This was hard because Orthrus was an awesome Lv. 48 move!
Griffin- 490 Damage to all opponents and removes all shields. Obtained at Lv. 53
Cerberus- 705 Damage. Removes all shields and wards. Obtained at Lv. 60

Specter- 520-600 Damage. Obtained at Lv. 53
Demon Rampage- 605-620 Damage to all opponents. Obtained at Lv. 60

Petrify- 500-590 Damage. Stuns for one round. Obtained at Lv. 53
Perish- 630-660 Damage to all opponents. Stuns for one round and places a weakness on all opponents. Obtained at Lv. 60

That's what I got <3

Those have cool names but they're really boring all they do is damage (almost)
how about adding something new, not shields, not attacks, not heals, . . . how about a sheiding sphere around yourself to block out your school spells for the rest of the match, or a death creature that takes 500 of your life and over three round it gives toy back three times as much, or maybe a treasur card like 'tough' or 'keen eye only' that takes one of your cards and makes it a treasure card well how about a treasure card that puts a shield on you and when the opponent attacks you or uses any card on you the shield then breaks and it makes the spell the enemy used a treasure card that you get.

hope it helped

Aug 11, 2009

Lightning Storm- 720-740 Damage. Obtained at Lv. 53
Tsunami- 555-605 Damage to all opponents. Obtained at Lv. 60

so if you are in storm you eren kraken i think it's damige is 420-530

and then you have stormzilla it's damige is 650-730 now tell me what the problem is the prblem it is to weak to be a lvl.60