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New Spells

Oct 23, 2011
Hi. I have some more spell ideas:

Steal Aura

Pip cost: 4
Accuracy: 85%
Effect: Steals aura from target. Retains rounds left.

Piercing Light (Thanks to awesomeness021302 for the correction)

Pip cost: 4
Accuracy: 60%
Effect: Deals 500 Damage and, if applicable, nullifies all effects of shadow magic on target; destroying shadow transformations, effects, creatures, and shadow blades/spears/traps. Has a 50% chance of also stunning yourself in the process.

Steal Shadow

Pip cost: 0
Shadow Pip cost: 2
Accuracy: 95%
Effect: Steal shadow creature from target. Retains rounds left and how much it's pleased when stolen. This spell counts as a "Like", though +15 backlash will be added. All shadow blades/spears on the target will be stolen with the creature.

Power Shield

Pip cost: 0
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Blocks one attempt to steal or destroy pips, though damage from those spells will still work.

Pip cost: 0
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: The spell hits while ignoring all charms and wards (Including blades). Useful for getting around dispels or weaknesses.

Copy Spell

Pip Cost: 0
Accuracy: (Always hits)
Effect: Copies target's last used spell and permanently adds it to your spellbook. It acts like any other spell and can be enchanted. Any spell can be copied, and it can be used during pvp to make it easier to get a desired spell, since it's a one-time thing.
*Every wizard only gets ONE of these as a Treasure Card! No Trade, No Auction, No Sell!

What do you think of these? Let me know!

-Nathaniel OgreBlade, Knight of the Silver Rose

Feb 14, 2010
we already have a spell named blinding light sorry. but cool idea