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New Spells!

Jan 13, 2010
Storm Spell: Man of Water - A sea comes up. In the middle of that sea there is a giant whirlpool. Out of the whirlppol comes a man out of water. He is all blue, an dmade out of water. He looks at you, and, from a fair distance away, punches the air. From his hand comes a stream of water.
It hits he/she in the face, doing 1800 - 1950 damage.

Fire: Red Light - A normal sky appears, as normal as could be. Then, the sky reddens. A red streak comes down, and hits the earth hard. All the redness from the sky disappears, all into that streak of red light. The light moves toward the enemies, doing 800 + 656 over time.

Ice: Ice Glacier - A sea comes up, and a bunch of floating ice glaciers. From the biggest one, small chips of ice come out, and aim itself at the enemy. That attack does 475. Then, the big glacier floats, and floats over the opponent. Gravity suddenly comes around it, forcing it down on top of the opponent. This does 445.
Attacks all enemies.

Myth: Griffin. Some hawks are flying around in the sky. Then, out of nowhere, comes a great, huge, legendary bird: the Griffin. All the hawks get on the floor, and, seem to bow to the great Griffin.
It raises a wing up at you, and all the hawks slash at it. This does 225. Then, the Griffin itself comes into battle and slashes with his wing. This does 1000 damage.

Death: Steal of Heart - A knight in black armour comes down, with a black sword. He sees you, and turns upon you. With his sword, he points it at you, creating a black light. This does 1000, and heals you by half of the damage done (500 at normal)

Life - Forest's Wrath - A forest comes out, and, straightaway, the tress join their branches together. This creates a green light which is aimed directly at you, and does 995 to all enemies.

Balancce - Manticore - A manticore come up and sniffs you, and, with it's wings of a dragon, slashes at you. This does 500. Then, with his lion's paws, he attacks you. This does 300. Then, with it's scorpion's tail, it strikes at you, which does 600.
Hope you like!

Cole Dunerunner - aditha12

Dec 20, 2012
all I would say is, there is a life spell called nature's wrath, I would come up with something different. other than that, great job! :D

Alyssa IceBlade

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Sierra Mist

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