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New spells

Mar 24, 2009
I think that some schools need improvement spells like: life, death, balance, and ice.
All these schools are lacking in power.
Happy Endings
Damage: 700
Accuracy: 85
Description: Cupid comes shoots arrows at all enemy and they all end up stunned, also he bows and heals you and your teammates. :)
Break Up
Damage: 300
Description: Hits one enemy and puts a guardian shield on you or it heals you for three rounds. (Just like fairy) :-o
Lycan powers:
Damage: 150 times pips
Description: A skeleton army pops up(facing you) and there's a howl. The army middle starts to be ripped to shreds and the lycan appears in front of you enemy and howls. Then gives you a lycan shield (I will explain at the end).
Grave Sacrifice:
Pips: 8 or 7
Damage: KO, half life, or, 1100-850
Accuracy: 5
Description: Reaper comes(or sylvia with a grim reaper scythe) and takes 1000 half or some of you life to hit your opponent with her scythe.
Damage: 300 all schools (not balance)
Accuracy: 70
Pips: 7
Description: A mystical woman appears she has six arms, she is in siting and hovering in the air, then she puts her hand behind he back and pulls out these swords, one flaming, one electrified, one made of ice, one that looks like it has souls pouring out of it, one made of wood, and one that made of gold and strikes one opponent.

Okay i am done now so i will tell you what a lycan shield is. Its is a shield with a lycan or wolf head and it absorbers half attacks and put it in your health. This can be the other spell beside Grave sacrifice. Its is an X pip spell and it has 90% accuracy. All these spells are for the benefit of the schools so they are up to match with fire, ice and storm. I have know that these spells may seem overwhelming but trust me they are fair.