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New Spell Mechanics

Jul 25, 2010
So, for all that don't know, Rocklops is an Item Card that hits the enemy and puts up two traps depending on the main item's stats. I thought to myself, "If the item card puts up a storm and life trap, but the actual item card is a life spell, why not make the spell both usable (with power pips) by both life and storm users?"

So then I thought that maybe future spells (or maybe some current spells) could be usable by two schools? It seems like a unique way to use some cards that you received in a pack, bosses, or some TCs. And maybe there could be some spells that could be used with power pips for all schools? (Of course, it wouldn't be a very great one, but it would seem divine.)

Also note that Mastery Amulets wouldn't be needed for them, but if you had a storm mastery (and if you weren't a Life wizard), you would be able to use the Rocklops mentioned above.