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New spell ideas?

Jan 23, 2013
What new spells would you like to see? I would like to see a mana fairy.

Mana Fairy
0 pips
Basically the normal fairy but with mana, and the fairy is blue.

You could make a list like the one I put here.

Dec 26, 2008
These are some spell Ideas I would hope to see with the final Morganthe world. They are basically just spells that have been done before but are retyped and altered a bit to fit another school and also I think they would tie the schools together nicely for the final Morganthe world.

Myth - Starfall (Myth school Tempest) Rank X
65 damage per pip to all enemies.

Life - Arch Viridian (Life school Power Nova) Rank 7
480 damage and -25% next outgoing attack to all enemies.

Ice - Water Efreet (Ice school Efreet) Rank 8
765 damage and -90% next outgoing attack

Storm - Reverse Tide (Storm school Shift) Rank 4

Shift 1 damage over time effect to target

Fire - Nemean Lion (Fire school Forest Lord) Rank 8
580-660 damage to all enemies.

Balance - Barrage (Balance school Virulent Plague) Rank 3

-45% next outgoing attack to all enemies.

Death - Lich (Death school Snow Angel) Rank 8
125 + 735 damage over 3 rounds and -15% to all enemies.