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New Spell Ideas

Jul 28, 2014
I have a few Ideas for new Spells, I don't know if this is where I should post them, but tell me what you think.

Krokolisk. A large (for a crocodile) Crocodile appears in the middle of the field. It is covered in jewelry and stuff, with a large ruby on its forehead. The Crocodile roars and the blades and traps activate. Then, the ruby glows, and the Crocodile fires a blast of flame out of it. Leaving the target with damage over time.
Charybis. The field turns into a whirlpool, and the sky above the field gets stormy. A massive sea serpent (but not like the leviathan, its fatter and has a bigger head) erupts from the center of it and faces the target. Blades and traps activate, and the monster sprays a massive high-pressure blast of water at the target from its mouth. It hits everyone.
Spirit wolf. A blizzard coats the field in ice and continues to rage, blurring vision, and a moon appears above the field Gray shapes appear in the blizzard and come toward the target, being shown to be white and grey wolves. The biggest wolf (the leader of the pack) howls and at the moon, and the other wolves do the same. Blades and traps activate, and the wolves attack their target. This hits everyone.
Scylla. A mountain erupts from the field, the peak obscured by clouds. You can see vague green shapes moving above the clouds. Blades and Traps activate, and a green serpent head (one of six that you don't see through the clouds) zaps down fast as lightning and bites the target. It hits everyone.
Serpent. The battlefield turns to sand and a harsh sun is seen above it. One of the dunes shifts, showing that something is moving beneath it. Suddenly, a massive cobra bursts out of the sand and coils on the field. Blades and traps activate, and it strikes its opponent, leaving behind life, myth, and death dispels.
Guardians of Nature. A forest erupts on half the battlefield (the side facing the caster and his/her allies), while a field appears on the side of the target. An aquilian goddess appears holding a sick bow, and she holds up her hand in the "on my mark" gesture. Blades and traps activate, and she gives the signal to shoot. A huge volley of arrows erupts from the trees and strikes the target, while the goddess shoots once. It hits everyone.
Fallen Warrior. The field turns to a deserted battlefield, arrows litter the ground, and a skeleton wearing black armor is seen lying on the ground, dead. Blue light surrounds the skeleton, animating it, and giving it the appearance of being on fire, though the fire is blue. It picks up its sword and waits in a battle position. Blades and traps activate, and the warrior charges up to the target and slashes. As he pulls his sword away, you can see it draining a similar blue energy from the target, and the warrior turns around and gives the energy to the necromancer, healing him/her.
I hope you likes them, tell me your thoughts.