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New Spell Ideas

Oct 23, 2011
Name Deck Swap
School Balance
Rank 10
Effect Opponents 1&2 and 3&4 swap decks for 5 rounds. if 3 people, 1&2. If 2 opponents, both of them. If 1 opponent, none. 2 per deck allowed, cannot be reshuffled. PvP allowed.

Name All-Out
School Star
Rank 0
Effect +100% outgoing damage, +100% incoming damage for one round

Name Hypernova
School Star
Accuracy 50%
Rank 14
Effect 100,000 damage to all enemies Bosses only lose 2,000 health. The caster is left with 1 health and half mana. No PvP. 1 allowed in deck, no reshuffle.
Animation The camera zooms out and a huge white star descends onto the duel circle. It suddenly explodes in a hypernova, causing severe damage to the caster and all opponents. If it kills all the opponents, the entire duel circle is sucked into a black hole.

What do you guys think about these spells? Are some too overpowered? Thanks!

Dec 26, 2008
Although I think Hypernova is OP, that sn't my main problem with it. My main problem would be that no one would be able to use it as it costs 14 pips but is Star school, which we can't use our Power Pips on.

Apr 29, 2012
Here's some ideas of my own:
: Deflagration - Remove all positive charms & wards from all enemies, 5 pips, 100% accuracy.
Pyromania - 1,000+300 over time to all enemies, 11 pips, 75% accuracy.
: Sheet of Ice - Gives 3 75% Tower Shields to all allies, 4 pips, 100% accuracy.
Ancient Yeti - 900 damage & stun to all enemies, 11 pips, 80% accuracy.
: Static Shock - 10 damage, steal 1 positive charm & stun to all enemies, 5 pips, 100% accuracy.
Zeus' Wrath - 1,500 damage to all enemies, 11 pips, 70% accuracy.
: Tremor - 50 damage & stun all enemies for 3 rounds, 4 pips, 100% accuracy.
Gryphon - 1,250 damage, stun & steal all positive wards from 1 enemy, 11 pips, 85% accuracy.
: Empathy Link - Makes 1 ally immortal, but when you die, they die as well, 6 pips, 90% accuracy.
Treant - 750 damage & Life Trap to all enemies, & Guidance to all allies, 11 pips, 90% accuracy.
: Voodoo Doll - All damage dealt to selected ally, is dealt to the caster, 6 pips, 100% accuracy.
Thanatos - 100 damage per pip, & half to self, X pips, 85% accuracy.
: Fairness - Takes all pips from allies & enemies, & gives an equal amount to all people involved in the fight, if pips remain then you get them, if you have 7 pips, then any more you get given disappear, 5 pips, 100% accuracy.
Manticore - 100 damage of all schools (not astral), Weakness & Black Mantle to all enemies, 11 pips, 85% accuracy.

I might put up some astral ones later.

May 13, 2013
Honestly, deck swap should really be moon.

That's pretty much what polymorphs are anyway, just switching your deck with a creatures.

Oct 23, 2011
Dec 08, 2012
The Deck Swap spell would make things very interesting for a battle. The star spell would be awesome for the outgoing and since it's for 1 round, that incoming damage shouldn't effect us much but what if we cast that star spell and then when we try to attack while it's up but we end up fizzling, what about THAT? As for that Hypernova spell idea, that to me is WAY to extreme. I wouldn't like that have that kind of spell in my deck and plus, what if you end up dying? Still, i'll have to say a no to the Hypernova spell idea.

Apr 16, 2011
My Balance Spell Ideas

Spell Name: Empress
Pips: 9
Level in order to get spell: 62 or 64
Type: Attack
Accuracy: 85%
Damage: 670-710
Other: N/A
Description: The Empress spell once cased will have five stars appear and then line up in a strait line (At this point any critical or positive or negative Charm will take place) then the stars will glow brightly and then shoot a beam of white light to the enemy. Then the enemy will have a burst of white light and then take damage.

Spell name: Withdraw
Pips: 7
Level in order to get spell: 70
Type: Charm
Accuracy: 70%
Damage: N/A
Description: The Withdraw spell once cased will have the enemy glow. The enemy will take no damage but 4 pips will be taken and 4 pips will be given to everybody.

Spell name: Charm
Pips: 4
Level in order to get spell: 72 or 74
Type: Charm
Accuracy: 75%
Damage: N/A
Description: The Charm spell once cased will have a ring go around all enemies. The enemy will take no damage but a stun will take place. This will keep the enemy out for one round.

Spell name: Black Hole
Pips: X
Level in order to get spell: 78
Type: Attack
Accuracy: 70%
Damage: 200 per pip at every enemy
Description: The Black Hole spell once cased will have a Black Hole appear (at this point any critical and/or positive or negative Charm will take place). The Black Hole will shrink and then expand wide and will push out a asteroid and the enemy will take damage. this will happen over and over again until the last enemy.

Tell me what you think.

Wizard of Balance Alejandro StrongCaller level 59

Dec 21, 2010
I have two.
Manticore-1300-1500 and a two turn stun to one target. 12 pips. and 85% accuracy.- level 98 spell.
Taurus-450 damage, then 1200.And remove 3 shields. 80% accuracy, and 12 pips. Also, an animation for it would be the camera zooming in on a dark night sky, and a constellation forms in the shape of Taurus. (a bull that is a real constellation) and it floats down out of it. (like in snow angel) The bull takes ground.
It charges, hits the player for the first hit, then goes back to where it first landed. Then, it rears up on its back whooves and stomps on the ground, creating an earth quake that does the next damage attack. Then the 3 shields are removed.- Level 98 spell

Aug 18, 2011
So i have some ideas for Aquila spells, possibly level 100 spells. so lets get started Life: Pan God of The Wild in the spell you will see a mystical jungle or forest in the background, then you will hear the famous wail of the god that scared off enemies. Next you will see leaves flowing around for 2 seconds then all of a sudden they will come together and form the god.Then, the god will raise spiky vines and slowly wrap it around the target very tightly and then will rip it apart.Then he will turn into leaves again and flow away. Death: Nyx Goddess of Night the goddess will pull up in her shadow Chariot being pulled by Stygian black horses with red eyes, the goddess is a shadowy figure and the background is the night sky with stars, she will get off her chariot and slowly get the darkness to consume the target then she will part it aside while at the same time the soul of the target is being pulled out of the body, and then she will slowly fade away back into the darkness on her chariot. Myth: The first god ever, Chaos Creator of The Universe He will appear from a bright light, you will see little supernovas exploding around him, the he will get power on to his hand and clap them together forming a sonic blast at the target, and then disappear in a bright light. Fire: Prometheus Lord of Fire, and creator of humankind the spell will start by him being chained down on a mountain in which Zeus imprisoned him on, he will rip the chains off his hands one by one then when he gets up the chains will break off his ankles. Then, he will form fire on his hands and with one hand he will send a beam of fire and with the other he will raise fire where the target is at. last, he will then turn into flames and disappear.

Aug 18, 2011
Ice: Khione Goddess of Snow, ice, and winter itself A breeze will flow and slowly form the goddess, she will be first in a icy form and slowly melt it away , then you can see her light blue sparkly eyes. She will then wave her arms and hands in a certain way forming a cold wind on them, then she will release the cold deadly breeze at the target in which the target will freeze slowly into an ice sculpture and then she will get ice shards and throw them at the ice sculpture and it will shatter, then she will disappear into the breeze. Storm: Typhon Lord of Storm and Father of All Monsters He will slowly rise from the ground, then you will have a birds eye view of him, you will see a light tornado flow around him but he is still visible in the vortex with his dark gray skin constantly forming and reforming different kinds of animals. he will the raise his arms and mover them in a motion and you will see clouds come together and he will release the storms upon the target. and thats my ideas i am not sure for balance i was thinking either athena or nemesis or the fates but i wasnt sure how the spell would work so ya. Thanks for reading :D