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new spell ideas

Sep 05, 2009
hi i was wondering if you could make new spells that are good and that you get at level 50 or something like that it would be cool and here are some ideas for spells for death it would be cool a giant raven that is like a shadow and attacks you and it would be named shadow raven (it depends if it is actually made out of shadows),for life it would be cool a giant green and black fox with 9 tails and with a little sign on its forehead with a white or red rose in the middle of the sign and that it throws a green sphere right out of his mouth but first leaves and wind swirl around in a small circle and then it goes on the middle of his mouth and makes the sphere appear named ivy fox,for myth a griffin (a mythical creature half lion half eagle with wings a lion body a tail that looks like the head of a snake and a eagle or lion head ) that throws a beam out of his mouth named griffin, for fire a lava creature that slams on you like a tsunami and that looks like a werewolf named lava impact,for storm a giant alligator head that comes out straight from the sea and swallows you while there is a very bad storm named stormgator and thats all i got and if you make this happen i will be very very happy plz could you make this happen plz it would be soooooooo cool!