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New Spell and Wand Suggestion

Sep 29, 2012
So I wasn't sure if I came to the right page for all these kinds of suggestions, but last night I got thinking (or else I was hopped up on black tea), and I came to a few interesting ideas:

  • Death Pact
  1. Spell - Shield/Trap (used on yourself)
  2. Learned at high level
  3. Death Pact does not shield like a regular shield since it does not protect the user from damage, but rather hits the opponent that damaged them with 1/2 (or more if the user's attack percentage is high) the damage on the same turn.
  4. It's named death pact not only because it makes sense that the two people are have a pact in the amount of damage taken but because this shield/trap would be almost completely useless for anybody who is death, since they can use moves to heal back the half that they got hit with. This is why it is recommended for this to be a death spell, and used against other classes.

  • Violin wand

  1. Obviously not the house item, but a wand.
  2. Violin wand carried: violin in one hand (or on the user's back), held by the pegboard area at the top, and the other hand holding the bow out like a real wand.
  3. Animation: When performing a spell, the bow is used either like a sword (hitting the opponents in the middle of the battle area with the bow) or it can be used to draw spell insignia like a regular wand or staff.
  4. Stats: It seems this would be one of those crown items (even though I despise that because I'm not a crown person) so the stats would have to be ranging from decent to impressive.
  5. How to get: Again, I don't like crown shop because there's hardly anything really neat outside of it, so it seems it would make sense to be a rarer dungeon drop in one of the higher level places, maybe mooshu, dragonspyre, celestia, etc.

I hope these get some consideration, so please reply if you have suggestions, comments, or if anybody wants to pass through with one of these.

Mar 07, 2009
I absolutely love the violin wand idea!