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New Side Worlds (Like Wysteria and Grizzleheim)

Jul 06, 2013
Side worlds are really fun and can help make the game last with new material.

Nov 18, 2010
Yeah I feel like they prefer to make expansions more than sideworlds nowadays like Wintertusk, Aquila and Darkmoor and we'll probably get more Wizard City expansion with whatever is going on underground.

Oct 24, 2013
And how about making some side worlds free? Since it won't affect the main questline, and free-to-play wizards, or wizards currently without a membership.

Aug 23, 2016
I for one would like to see Empyrea Pt 2 come out first. Once we have that update, I would love to have quests that take us back to each world of the Spiral. An exalted Rattlebones type of thing but going through each world instead of it being a piece of furniture one wust get. I'd love for there to be more Zeke type quests but with different characters, say Shelbus Gruffheart.

I would also love to see another side quest world along the lines of Grizzlehiem/Wintrertusk that was suitable for levels 1 - 130. But rather than create a new world from scratch perhaps we could visit Cool Ranch or Valencia or Skull Island (Caribbean Voodoo is a new type of magic that could be added). If one of those worlds is visited perhaps our Wizard needs the help of our Pirate to finish the quests.

Steven Ghoststalker