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New Side World: Tigris

Sep 04, 2009
Okay, so basically this is a side world for level 40+. Tigris is based of the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, hinting the worlds name which is one of the two rivers between Mesopotamia. Tigris is a world filled with art,culture,and statues. This world well also have a level 80 dungeon. Creatures include: tigers, deer, komodo dragons, and various snakes.

Plot: Ambrose calls you in his office, and he tells you about a new staff you can obtain called the: Staff Of Time. This staff holds mystical power and can be a really powerful tool to have. You must retrieve the staff from Tigris to get i. As you venture deeper into Tigris, you find out that this world isn't really the most peaceful world. There are invaders trying to break down the Outer wall of Tigris, and war plans are going around.

The Civilization (commons): Here you well meet Nigbar, and he well tell you that you must become a Tijer Warrior (clan name) to be trusted enough to get the Staff of Time. it is then he well put you threw various test including, Test of greed (Get gold stacks) Test of Power (defeat Tijer Warrior) Test of Bravery (In Path of Fears.)

Path of Fears: This is where you well take your Bravery Test, but you can;t take it right now. You find out that strange things are happening here. All the Fear Guards (snakes) are going crazy do to a strange Komodo statue. it is then that you must help out here if you want to defeat the Son of Fear to pass the test.

Draco Fields: This area used to belong to the Komodo Dragons and Tigers (also a battlefield) until it got invaded by a deer tribe. Since then, the deer tribe has been destroying ancient relics from both the tigers and the komodo dragons. Your job is too stop these invaders from destroying the area.

The Outside (connects to DF): You find out how the deer tribe got in Draco Fields, they made a giant hole in the outer wall and now there everywhere. You are now outside Tigris and are in a very dangerous area. You'll also find out that The Lord of Tigris lives here.

Harsha River (dungeon): Nigbar sends you here to retrieve a Time Gem, a required gem to enter the Astronomy Channel (where the Staff of Time is being kept) As you go into Harsha Forest and head to the river, you'll see an evil komodo spirit there. He said he is a assassin sent by Malistare to kill you. After defeating him, you'll get the Time Gem needed to enter the Astronomy Channel.

Astronomy Channel: Here you well find various large temples pointing at the sky. These temples are used for studying Astronomy and all the documents of it are being kept at Tijer Library. Once you enter the library you find out it's been looted! Anyone can use the scrolls for evil. You must stop these looters. Finally, you'll meet the Time Guardians, all which talk together at the same time. They say they protect the staff and if you want it, you must earn it. Now you have to battle all 4 of them. Once done they flee to Divia River saying to meet them there and that wasn't a REAL battle.

Divia River (dungeon): After goign threw the Tower of Time, you'll meet the Guardians of Tome yet again, they'll say you must now battle them in there true form. Now they morph into a giant 4 headed tiger creature. You must battle them in the Time dimension for the ultimate battle! After you win they say you are worthy and You'll receive the Staff of Time.

Sliden Fortess (level 80 dungeon): This gonna be a hard dungeon where you'll battle snakes. The area is still in planning so if you want to give me ideas for the dungeon you can thanks!!

Mar 27, 2010