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New Side World: Mirage!

Aug 09, 2012
Mirage is a large desert, extremely vast, Based on ancient Saudi Arabia, With a Sultans Palace theme
The people of Mirage are based on the animal the Persian Cats, Lots more Scorpion-People with a different model than that in Khrysalis, these ones will have a somewhat human torso, With scorpion legs all around on either side, A large scorpion stinger behind it, and one human arm, and one Pincer arm, And other creatures

This is the state of affairs in Mirage, or how I think it will be:

1) There is allot of competition for the throne of Mirage, as the Queen passes away soon after she tells you about the competition for the throne, The Brothers are all fighting for the throne

2) The brothers all know magic, One of them is Balance (The oldest), The other two are Fire and Ice (As the desert gets very hot in the day, but very cold at night)

Now here is my storyline idea:

The Oldest two brothers, The Balance, and Fire brothers both kidnap the king one night, and the two daughters, One life, the other myth, and the Ice brother, help you rescue the king

The storyline will be based on this, I haven't thought much of that yet, however, After all of this has blown over, you obviously rescue the king, and the other two brothers are thrown in Mirage's most tight-security Jail, and the king, gives you a royal reward.. School mounts!

The brothers also hired a spellbinder. Who mutates scorpion-people to use them as weapons against you.

First: Here are my ideas for the spells you get at the raised level cap (Level 105, It adds 5 new levels, so nothing too much, just small spells).

Alright, so, these ideas, are very.. Very, unique.. A seer in this world, Mirage, you speak to him and, there's a quiz, Here's an example of how it'll be for storm (The school I play as)

Question 1:

Do you prefer

a) Quick Strikes (b) Long, Heavy, Careful strikes

question 2:

Do you prefer

a) Having Good critical rating with bad block (B will just be the opposite)

Question 3: Would you prefer More Resistance with less attack (B will be the opposite)

Let's say I picked all A's, I'd get A spell where I go in the middle, put my sword into the ground, with lightning clouds above me, and on a rock in the middle of the sea, You raise your hand, Lightning strikes it, then hits the enemy for 500-650 damage, It costs 4 pips, and it also destroys any Aura the enemy has.

School Mounts: (Only usable for PvE Fights)

(The King buys these for you as a Reward)

Storm - Storm Owl - +5 Storm Damage, +10 Critical, +1 Sharpened Blade Card

Fire - Fire Dragon - +2 Fire Damage, +12 critical, +1Sharpened Blade Card

Ice - Wooly Mammoth - +3 Resistance, +10 Block, +1 Potent Trap card,

Life - Spinysaur - + 5 Incoming and Outgoing healing, +5 Block, +1 Primordial Card

Myth - Basilisk - + 5 Stun block rating, +12 Critical, +1 Sharpened Blade card

Death - Avenging Fossil - + 4 Death Damage, +10 Block, +1 Potent Trap Card.

(Each mount is two person)

This is just an idea! So please be nice :) What do you guys think?

Dec 17, 2010
Nice idea, but I'm 99.9% sure Mirage will be the third world in the Third Arc, as stated by Old Cob, if the worlds are in the same order that we visit them.