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New shadow spells for khrysalis part 2

Jan 22, 2010
For now I only have new spells for corrupted Magic I couldn't really think how Magic and would come into play well anyways here they go.

Shadow enhancer: "the shadow enhancer works on increasing their teammates power in battle"
+25% on every blade
-20% on every ward
General 10% blade casted to all allies everytime you blade.

Shadow warder: "the shadow warder works on reducing incoming damage for allies"
+25% on every ward
-20% on every blade
General 20% ward casted everytime you cast a ward.

Shadow berserker: "the shadow berserker focuses on dealing masses of damage to all foes"
+45% attack
+10% pierce
-50% incoming healing
+15% general trap casted on all foes when you attack.

Shadow enfeebler: "the shadow enfeebler focuses on traps and making your foes do less damage"
+20% on traps
+20% on negative charms
-20% on positive charms
-20% on wards
General -20% weakness casted on all foes when you trap or use a negative charm.

I hope you like my spells hopefully any of you would like to post your spells here too theres infinite possibility with shadow magic have fun in the spiral!

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Valdus WildTamer 71
Talon SwiftBreath 32