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New Set of Astral Spells

May 07, 2009
These are my ideas for astral spells for levels 100-120. Their purpose is to strengthen polymorphs by using enchantments to customize different stats and add balance to the game. They're also used to add more purpose to using older polymorphs. Sure, each polymorph has a few spells other polymorphs have but using the ones from Celestia in places like Azteca? You'd be killed before you even have a round with your polymorph.
Sun School Spells (all sun school spells are meant to be enchantments that can be used on polymorph spells)
Resistance Upgrade I: +15% resistance
Resistance Upgrade II: +30% resistance
Critical Upgrade I: +100 Critical Rating
Critical Upgrade II: +200 Critical Rating
Critical Block Upgrade: +150 Critical Block Rating
Health Upgrade I: 10% more health
Health Upgrade II: 20% more health
Power Pip Upgrade I: +20% power pip chance
Power Pip Upgrade II: +40% power pip chance
Damage Upgrade: +20% damage
Healing Boost Upgrade: +20% to outgoing and incoming heals
Combos (or instead of having combos make it so multiple enchantments can be used on a single spell)
Heavy Hitter Upgrade: +20% damage, +200 critical rating
Life Upgrade: 20% more health, +20% to outgoing and incoming heals
Tank Upgrade: +15% resistance, +20% more health, +150 critical block rating
Moon School Spells
Turn the Tides: Makes your team have the first turn in a duel, but gives the opposing team an extra pip

I think this'd be a great way to buff polymorphs and to give purpose to the old polymorphs.I just really like the idea of having a balance wizard that has every single polymorph, but for now only the 3 trained in Azteca are of any help whatsoever