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New secret school and pet powerups.

Jun 12, 2011
Cloud school; secret area in Krysalis to train 8 level 95+ spells
-Twister, Summons a dark cloud on the field, spinning a giant tornado, lightning bolts do the damage
1100-1150 attack damage to all enemies, dispel 4 random schools. (CLOUD SPELL)(7 PIPS, NO PP's)

-Hurricane; summons a cloud talking up the whole field, doing 500-1500 damage too all enemies, and blocking any spell from going through (enemies) for 2 rounds. (STORM SPELL)(9 PIPS, PP's FOR THAT SCHOOL)

rest of the 'spells' next thread

astral spells in combat for pet ranks.
-Minor shield(Sargent+ astral spell)(-5% attack damage)
-Minor boost(Sargent+ astral spell)(+5% attack damage)
-Repel(Veteran+ astral spell)(5% chance to repel the spell)
-Combat advantage(Knight+ astral spell)(10% crit and 10% damage)
-Major advantage(Captain+ astral spell)(12% crit and 12% damage and 5% shield)
-Pet soothe(Captain+ astral spell)(adds more chance to your pet doing a "may cast")
-Ally rage)(Commander+ astral spell)(10% damage and 20% crit and 5% shield to all allies)
-Arcane Field(Warlord+ astral spell)(20% more damage, 20% crit, 20% shield, 20% inward healing)

Jul 01, 2014
I like that idea. Though we should be able to be in ALL the schools. I like to learn EVERY SINGLE SPELL THERE IS. Like ,,,,,,,,,, and others. By the way, they haven't even put the realms up for ,, and schools.