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New schools to be available idea

Dec 08, 2012
Does anyone think it'll be cool to be able to be Sun School, Moon School, Star School, Or Shadow School? I think it'll be so cool to be able to be Sun, Star, Moon or Shadow. Like, each school would have blades, traps, attacks, and other stuff. I know that Sun School is mainly Enchants, Moon school is Transformation, Star school is Aura spells, and Shadow school is like dark magic but I think it'll still be so cool thou. Anyone else think it'll be cool to be Sun, Star, Moon, or Shadow school? Sun, Star, Moon, and Shadow resistance, critical, accuracy, damage, and critical block could be added to the stats page. It'll be neat thou. Anyone else think it'll be cool? Let me know what you think of this. Would this be cool? Would it be worthless? What may the good and bad things be about these schools being as a school that you can be? I'll like to know your thoughts on this