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New Schools plz read

Oct 13, 2009
Ok so in Wizard101 all the schools are pretty basic like fire storm ice death etc. etc. Not much variety, so I invented up two new schools.

School: Hermeticism
Description: Hermeticism is the study of everything that goes around you like things that you can't explain. Hermeticism is named after the Greek god Hermes. Wizards who study Hermeticism would be called Hermetics.
Colors: The schools colors would be Blue and Orange
Gemstone: Jasper (an orangish red gemstone.)
Spells ???

So thats the first new school you don't have to agree with me but it would add more variety to the game. Ok the next school is

School: Shamanism
Desription: Shamanism is the study in which the Spirit world (Not Necromancy Necromancy is the raising of the dead Spirit world is much different) has a major role in human life and that a shaman contacts spirits by going into trances where he talks to the spirits or deities etc. etc. Wizards who study Shamanism would be called Shamans.
Colors: Yellow and Brown
Gemstone: Diamond
Spells ???

These are my ideas for two new schools reply if you think this would be a good idea.

May 11, 2009
Yea well it sorta sounds good but the spirit world and history ( was it history I cant remember short term memory loss) ? These sound like unlikly schools? So some parts might need some work. Sry, try harder.

P.S. Plz don't get all mad at me if you think it's good,my opinion

Jun 24, 2008
Please don't be mad.

I don't think philosophies and religions are good as schools. I even asked wizard101 to make a holiday world, but they turned it down. (Turns out they had the exact same idea). I'll tell you what they told me. This game is worldwide, with different people with different ideas, religions and philosophies. Centering around one or two would be bad.

Again...don't be mad.