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New Schools

Sep 01, 2009
Hi this is the very first time i have posted and i have come up for an idea for a new school (Two infact Fusion and elemenatal) the idea poped into my head as i was discussing new cards with my best friend at school

Fusion School- Located in dragonspyre but dont worry because there is a hidden portal in bartleby to get you there

Powerful spel - Fusion Blast blinds enemys and enemys attak there own people

Low spell- Fusion count disarms all oppinents pips and attacks woth 200

elemental- the elemental magic is also found in barteby that takes you to a new ambrose island it is a combo of all the schools.

Low - reckless hit random rank 3 attack spell from any school
Powerful spell - power combo blast (attacks opponent with any rank 7 spell and the rarest is all of them put together in attack.

Hope kingsisle read it and please post youir comments and more suggestions :? :? :( :( :D :D