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New School In Next World: The School Off Air

Nov 13, 2011
Firewizardfan wrote:
listen if i got snappy at anyone im sorry im just sad because on alot of my new ideas im being told its bad or its overpowered what does overpowered even mean! come on people please i need answers! why does nobody like my ideas? there as good as anyone elses

Firewizardfan, If you are told it is overpowered it means that if it is introduced it will literally destroy the balance between schools of W101. Everyone isn't saying its bad necessarily, they're saying that all of its basic functions are purely elements already in other schools. They're right let me spell how so by this basic deconstruction:

Air Magic Or Mimoency Is Calm And Peaceful
Right of the bat, That's the motto of Life. Calm, Peaceful, Orderly is all basically Life.

,It Does Not Hurry But It Also Does Not Slow Air Magic Is The Ultimate Magical Art While It Takes Long To Master It Is Worth The Time And Power It Takes To Harness And Perform Masters Of Air

It does not hurry but it does not slow is basically an old-school rip-off of mystical contradictions, such as "It is day and it is night" or "It is the first hour and the final hour." commonly used for mystical stuff. Is the Ultimate Magical Art it takes long to master (yet) it is worth the time and power it takes to harness and perform masters of air? Sorry but that's also the description of Balance. That is also where the overpowered part comes in. There is no ultimate school.


They are all equal schools that all co-exist and form a final balance in which nobody can state that one is superior. Only that one is favored by themselves. You can't make a school that is based off of everything else and has the idea of a main school (Storm) uses the descriptions of others (Life and Balance) and call itself ultimate. The only school that incorporates others is Balance and it is still individually sound. This is really just a giant reconstruction of Balance with the title of ultimate in my opinion.

Are Also Masters Of Peace And Harmony Those Who Have Harnessed Universal Energy And Found Inner Peace Or Enlightment The School Colors Are Cloud White And Cloud Grey While The School Gem Is Diamond Famous Mimoencists Include The Buddha "

First of all, That entire top part is as well overpowered, taken up to eleven. Not even balance harnesses universal energy (OK it does but universal energy is basically all of the other six schools, that's really just taking a small portion of everything's power into one). Diamond is also the school gem of Ice. The color of white is also already taken by Ice as well. Mimoenist along with Mimonency is not a word, as already stated by Hattori. The Buddha? Well then you do not know who Buddha "is" exactly. As stated by Buddhism, anyone who follows the (I believe it is) 8 steps towards Nirvana can become Buddha, I could be wrong though... Name the specific Buddha if you every think of revising the original post and instead of The Buddha, put Guatama Buddha or Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha the name of the prince who founded Buddhism.

To wrap this deconstruction up, Here's my final opinion, this has the ideas of Ice, Storm, Life and Balance all under the title of the ultimate school without any research done about actual words pertaining to magical arts and Buddhism and took only the fact that most people only know Buddhism. Do your research. There are literally hundreds of different types Magical arts! Look into them. A Quick Google Search brings up tons.
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A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
im not ripping off and exscuse me for not knowing that diamond is ices gem you know what lets just close down this topic as far as anyone is concerned i guess im the worst player in the game

You got incorrect info there. You were correct, diamond isn't any school's gem. Sapphire is Ice's gem, I can list them all:
Ice: Sapphire
Fire: Ruby
Storm: Amethyst
Myth: Peridot
Death: Onyx
Life: Jade
Balance: Citrine

I don't see any diamond, so it's fine.