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new school blades

Dec 28, 2010
I've come up with some new school blades your teachers give to you when you reach level 88 including new spells not just the blade.
storm-surge blade 50%
fire-blaze blade 50%
life-evergreen blade 50%
ice-icicle blade 50%
death-umbra blade 50%
myth-mythical blade-50%
balance-orcati blade-50%

now for the spells

storm-storm titan
accuracy 75%
pips 10
damage 1500 to one target
affect -50% accuracy
animation thunder cracks everywhere then it all hits together forming a thunder titan he opens his eyes which are purple and blast you

life-life knight
accuracy 90%
pips 10
damage 1200 damage to one target
affect give absorb to caster
animation a tree just blast out of the ground then starts to shape itself turning into a knight then he grabs a vine whip and hits the target

death-headless horseman
accuracy 85%
pips 10
damage 1350 to one target
affect puts plague on
animation a headless knight come up on a black horse with red eyes and the he grabs a pumpkin and makes it his head then he comes running up and slashes the target

accuracy 80%
pips 10
damage 1255 to one target
affect takes all blades and shields off
animation a griffon burst out of the sky's from no where flying straight threw you

accuracy 80%
pips 10
damage 900-1000
affect stuns
animation a big glacier is in the middle of the field then a sword is flying threw the sky hits it! then it cracks and falls apart forming together grabs the sword and throws at the opponent

fire-sun flare
accuracy 75%
pips 10
damage 1400 to one target
affect puts smoke screen on target
animation the sun lets of solar flares each one hitting you their are 7 of them each doing 200 hundred damage till it equals 1400

accuracy 85%
pips 10
damage 900 to every target
affect puts their school dispel and life dispel on them
animation Cleopatra walks up in front of the krokospinx chanting some words then a bunch of locusts come out and swarm on all the targets

plz tell me if you like them