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New School and select a homeworld?

Feb 12, 2012
I think that a new air school addition is a great idea! It would take a while to develop but it's a great idea that I think should most definitely happen. Maybe the air school should not be a school you can choose at the start of the game, but maybe a school you learn as you progress. Kind of like the shadow spells. :)

- Jeremy DeathRider, Level 18 Fire Wizard

Jan 23, 2015
It would be cool to add another school, but like multiple other people have said, it would take a lot of work and remodeling to do it. I feel it's too late to add another school. Maybe when it was still developing a few years ago, but now with all the worlds and quests have been created, it would be too much work to pay off. In other words, I feel the idea came a few years too late.

-Joseph ThunderRider-lvl 30 Wizard

Jan 28, 2009
seethe42 on Apr 17, 2015 wrote:
3 There is no shield against Balance, that WHY we don't need a convert or higher blades.

Balance is neither over or under powered in PvP or PvE.
ok Tower shield is to all including Balance lol and convert not just used to get around shield but boosted resist which i believe was main point whether it be players in pvp or bosses throughout the game especially Zafaria on.

Take Balance go fight hades and hit see what you do or go fight mali and cast balance blade on you and see how that helps boost your spell.

But then you say well can always use elemental your second tier damage cause thats efficient just saying.
I like Balance just don't see why the constant whining about them being Op when everything they have is either under or just middle of the road.

Personally i have accepted the role of tank healer in parties against high level bosses since that is the role ki has deemed for us but in that regard some better tools to do that job would be appreciated.

Jan 25, 2015
like almost everyone here said balance is not op and it can't have a counter school. the idea about having random schools chosen from a balance convert is still questioned but might actually work. like others said it would cause more work and effort to remake a whole new school. balance bosses are op for balance wizards in my opinion thats why I suggested the balance spear. but the converts would work better and it would be like 2 choices on the converts like one would choose a school randomly from the spirit school and the other would choose one for the elemental school. I have a balance wiz and I have some trouble with balance bosses. some say balance is for group questing but it could be a solo too for some worlds.

Jan 25, 2015
and my home world would be Mooshu

Dec 20, 2008
Megan Frostflame on Apr 18, 2015 wrote:
I don't see like many other people how Air counters Balance. Perhaps change Air is Disarray or Discord since they are actual opposites of Balance. Also I don't think selecting a homeworld like in Pirate101 would be a good idea. Maybe Kingsisle could give us all the same homeworld that doesn't believe in magic for the most part and our parents were secretly training in Light Magic (other people's ideas) or instead of Light Magic, Astral Magic. I think that would give us more of a reason to try and save that world as a side or main world for the third arc.
The person who made the idea of Air Magic mentioned how Wind is extremely wild, and throws everything about, since balance is typically with SAND and AIR throws sand all around causing chaos, this is how it would be a "counter" for balance.