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New School?

Apr 08, 2012
Hello. I was just thinking, we've got the seven main schools. Storm, Fire, Ice, Myth, Death, Life and Balance. Of course, we can't forget the astral schools and shadow but what if we had another school. Just like Khrysalis introduced shadow, what if Empyrea introduces a new school?

What are your thoughts if there was a new school? What would it be called? What world would introduce it?

Nicholas SkullBlade

Level 58
Wizard101 Veteran

Jan 30, 2014
I'd think the next one would be overall, really weird if they did release a new school because W101 has the basics: Fire, ice, storm, life and death. But then they come with myth and balance that are unique schools to choose (and also can be two of the most powerful). Astral isn't much of a school just because it's only to boost things while in battle. Shadow, well, I'm only level 59. So if it was a new school, it could go either way: unique or traditional.

But if I had a choice: School of Light, because there's shadow.

See you in the spiral!

~ Alexis & Fallon & Alexis#2

Ps. I think they would introduce it wherever shadow is, as a competition school!

Jul 16, 2016
Jun 17, 2014
1 Myth, let's get real, it's Earth magic, Creation, Land VS the Sky.... storm.... but with there's earth there must be life and death.... why Myth is Spiritual and not Elemental,...

Both sides of Elemental, and Spiritual, Creates Light Magic, Balance.... Visual Light is nothing but a rainbow color spectrum... and you can bend, twist light in your own doing, with a prism.... why balance doesnt get a prism, because balance is all the schools together.... WHITE LIGHT... this isnt cannon.. my own theory... we arent Wizards... we just know how to bend light particles in our own needs, which is why Shadow Magic is banned...because Shadow vs Light

May 16, 2009
While new schools are very nice, I still think they need to flesh out the Shadow school before we add another one. We didn't get Astral schools until after 6 worlds (1st arc + grizzleheim) were created, and Shadow didn't come out until after the Astral schools were developed during the 2nd story arc. So, let's wait and see what Shadow will turn into as the 3rd story arc continues.

Oct 24, 2012
With the addition to Empyrea, if not it would be soon after, we are getting a new "School" called Cantrips, although not many of us know what it's going to be/focus on yet. How do I know this, you may ask? There's a spoiler page on Twitter that, up until now, has been correct on everything they spoiled. Including the Gobbler mount and Gloomthorn Vine. Hope I helped.
~The Jaded Conjurer~

Aug 01, 2014
I've always wanted a wind school, or a school that focuses on sacrificial spells like juju. The sacrificial school could be called "blood" or something. Maybe instead at level 100+ you can "mutate" your school into something more complex, like turning death magic into blood magic, or fire magic into lava/magma.