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new pets

Jun 29, 2014
I was thinking for a new pet quest where you get your darkmoor school spell as a pet! you get the quest around lvl 125 in the new world that is opening soon!

Apr 13, 2011
It's most likely that they will increase the level cap by 10 levels so to get a pet quest at 125 you will have to wait until 2 worlds after the next one.

Jan 27, 2012
In what world do you level up 25 times?
Every story world so far has come with an increase of 10 levels to the cap, and I see no reason why now it would be any different.

You're most likely looking 3 years into the future.
But it is a good idea

Jun 26, 2009
Nice idea Danny. Would be cool to see the enhanced spells creatures as pets. Maybe the pets could give not only the attack spell card but the secondary effect of the attack as a spell card too.

Abominable Weaver pet gives: Weaver spell and -75 Tower Shield spell
Glowbug Squall pet gives: Bugs and Enfeeble
Fire From Above pet give: FFA and Fuel

You get the idea.