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New Pet Talents Idea! A must read

Jun 13, 2009

Hello Wizards of the Spiral!

I have been thinking about some talents that i would like my pet to have in the arena and I thought what about critical and block!

Here are the talents:

+40 critical block (maybe 5%?)
+40 critical rating(maybe 5%?)
+40 stun resist (maybe 10%?)
May cast stun spell :-D

I would also reccommend that pets be able to manifest 5 talents

Lets face it, PvP has become an integral part of wizard101 and as the game advances, we look for new ways to amass power. Our pets have moved from being decorations to being valauble allies in combat. Eventually they will be able to learn these talents anyways.

Therei s evne now stun resist ring and athame that can be purchased from diego but sadly they are not worth the tickets. You are better off buying a few stun shields.

Also because you cannot stock aura spells you might have to dispel that conviction aura for a vengence or fortification aura. But if your pet is able to give you even a minimal percentage of resist to stuns then you won't have to worry too much.

So lets here it wizards! What do you think of these pet talent suggestions?

Logan Frost,
Legendary Wizard

PS. Read the epic story of Scythia here: https://www.wizard101.com/posts/list/26347.ftl

Aug 12, 2009
Other +Stat Talents to Consider:
+x% Incoming Heal (Max 10%)
+x% Outgoing Heal (Max 10%)
+1 Pip at start
+1 Power Pip at Start
+x Energy (Max 10-20, Energy could be Agility, Will, and Power)

Other May Cast Talents to Consider:
Guiding Light
Tower Shield
Feint (70/30)

Other +1 Card Talents to Consider:
Dark Pact
Feint (75/20)
Feint (70/20)

Nov 04, 2010
Apr 30, 2010
Nico, I actually like this idea! This is great for someone who has just entered Celestia and doesn't like to use the vicious helmet!

Dec 06, 2009
I am a fan of the Idea, however, The critical ratings and blocks need to be a little less. I'd try 20+ Critical or 20+ Block.

- Oran Titanrider, Grandmaster Thaumaturge

Aug 21, 2009
the additional pip at start would likely be a bad idea, as everyone would have it

May 10, 2010
A lot of great ideas, some of them sound interestingly familiar to me, wonder where I have heard them before?


Anyway, a pet with more talents is an excellent idea, however, doubtful! I dont think KI wants our pets to help us to become TOO powerful.

Still, we can always hope, right?

Jun 13, 2009

Thank you all for posting. Glad you are liking the ideas!

Just to comment of a few things:

I wouldn't say the ideas are authentic. I mean KI already introduced critical and block. if some else made the suggestion, i haven't seen such a post.

Pets can't make you too powerful and its doesn't matter how many talents a pet has in its talent pool, the point is the amount of talent it can manifest. After all, i have a pet with vengeance and gargantuan, but I am no more powerful than any other wizard.

As for the ratings being +20 that would probably translate to a max of 3%. Remember the higher your level, the higher you critical or block number must be for it to be of any use to you; and it is KI who will assign the percentage to that number so even if the pet gives you +100 critical rating that can still mean just 10% or even less!

I like the incoming heal and such but i don't think those should be talents that the pet learns. They would have to be something that comes along with the pet by default, kinda like how an orthrus gives one orthrus card at baby. So something like that. But I don't see how useful they will be as talents. I need my four slots for other talents :-D

Hey johnist how come i'm not seeing you online?! i really need someone with a sound mind to do the waterworks with. the people i end up with sometimes gives me a migraine.

Anyways, the pip at start, that will have to be further down the road, maybe closer to the completion of the morganthe arc. By then we'll be needing the 3 pips anyways.

Nov 14, 2009
I have seen once a pet that may cast locust swarm it is most likely very rare to have a pet give that talent