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New pet game suggestions

Feb 02, 2014
So I like the minigames familiarity. Socercery stones since it's similar to Yoshi's cookie, Conjuration since it's similar to memory, doodle doug since it's similar to digger, choo choo zoo reminds me of pipes, and potion motion since it's similar to bejewled. Now for pet games you have the dance game which is similar to simon says, now with that being said, how exactly long has it been since a new pet game has been added? I "have" to play at the minigame fairgrounds about 5 games a day, but in order to level my pet, how many games a day does that require? And if I'm doing it efficiently I'm passing my pets through the shared bank to focus on one at a time, so that's six toons working on one pet running out each's energy playing the same games over and over and over again. Now Kingsisle, would you do that? I think boredom rules over pet leveling neccessity.

So my question is, would it be possible to add a new pet game? And for the readers of this thread, what would you suggest?

I think it would be amazing to see wizard101 host a poll (maybe even on facebook which would help in advertising and networking) to see what people would want out of various things they think they could add to the game. At least one new game would be amazing. This game has been out for 6 years and I know people level multiple pets and play on multiple characters, so why not something new? My suggestion would be tetris or minesweeper or pinball or breakout (maybe put the pet underneath holding the bar) personally.


Aug 15, 2012
I do agree that some new pet games/ways to level your pet should be added but I don't really have any ideas.