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New Mounts

Jul 10, 2011
Hi, KingsIsle and wizards!

I would like to ask your opinion about some new mounts (and wizards, this includes you). I think it would be terrific if you would add a giraffe, zebra, and fallow deer mount (I think it would look better without antlers - i.e. female - because the white stag already matches closely to the buck, and by the way, I love the white stag and what you did with it in Avalon.)

I really want to hear back from people, especially KingsIsle. This really means a lot, and just remember - if you release something new, the fans of those animals will purchase crowns and bundles...

Thanks so much, wizards and KingsIsle, for your time, and I hope KingsIsle takes it into consideration. I know many people love deer, giraffes, and zebras.

-Fallon Redsword, Transcendent Pyromancer