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New mounts

Apr 16, 2012
Ok, so I want to ask about mount ideas. But the mounts have to be related to the game somehow. But mostly, I had (what I think is) a GREAT idea for a new mount. You know those cars in Marleybone? well, I think the Owner of the mount can be the driver, and since you can put four people in a group, the mount should be a four person mount. (second person goes in the passenger spot, etc. etc.) And you turn the steering wheel accordingly. I thought that if wizard101 EVER makes a 4 person mount, that should be what it is. So what do you think? Have any ideas? What do you think about the Marleybone Car? Thanks :D

Jul 31, 2011
Everyone suggests this ALL the time.. I have a bunch of ideas too for mounts, pets and homes and even bundles.

Jul 31, 2012
I thought of the marleybone car being a mount before... If I were to suggest a mount, it would be a scorpion.