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new "mandatory" school

Dec 14, 2008
There is an idea to consider. New school that everybody has to attend. You not learning any new spells but basic manners. Normaly you learn this at home but the way players act and talk to each other on the spiral really makes me wonder.

Oct 24, 2010
Sep 11, 2010
Sep 08, 2008
I would not be surprised that in the future, official 'school' will be incorporated into mmo's completely.

In the future, people would sit at home, play their mainstream mmo, but attend 'online school' WITHIN the game, which attributes directly to their diplomas and/or grades. In the future, we would not even get up anymore, save for work to make a living.

Now, in a world which will hopefully try to prevent lazyness as much as it tries to prevent obesity, that may not happen at all, but a few game companies REALLY dedicated to how many subscribers they have and how much money they want to make, will make that a possibility.

Kids/Teens will play the MMO much like they would "Second Life" but incorporated into the gameplay would be online school. For example, let's use Wizard101. We sit down, log online, and Wizard101 would stream online courses while we are sitting in our chairs playing wizard101. We'd chat in Wizard101, pretending to be the wizards in Wizard101, while sitting and watching our online course, or taking notes, etc. Class would end, and everybody resumes playing Wizard101 as normal.

Weird to think about it, but crazy, no?