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New life spell

Dec 19, 2013
My character is life and I personally feel like there should be more attacks offered for life. Well at least another multi attack for a lower level. I mean life isn't even strong really so it would be nice to see another attack for it. I am also storm but I can't getting the attacks for the after the schools so I don't have many strong attacks at all. I don't I just thought it would be nice. I mean I've thought of wanting to change to a school like fire bit then Id have to make a whole new character and that's a lot of work in my opinion. Plus I'd like to level up this character but fighting takes a long time since the attacks are weak

Jun 08, 2012
Well I don't think they could do this because of a couple of reasons. They would have to replace a Life spell that is already out there, because adding another life spell to Life wizards without giving anything else to other schools is unfair. I also don't really see them adding another spell for low levels just for Life wizards. It's pretty much what Life and Death wizards have to deal with till late in the game.