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New Level Elixir

Nov 28, 2015
So we already have an elixir to raise our characters level to 50. But I propose that a new elixir be adddd one that would boost the wizard level (up until the point where we are at least able to use shadow magic). Now the Level 50 Elixir has a requirement that you have to have at least 1 wizard on the account which is already level 50 before you can boost your other wizards to level 50 as well. So I think it would only be fair that the new elixir's requirements must be that of course you have to have a wizard that is already at that level before you can boost your other wizards to that level also the wizard that is being chosen to be boosted must already have made it to a minimum of level 50 before it can be boosted higher. This idea would benefit both the players and KI. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks about this idea. ^_^

Feb 13, 2015