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New Level 88 Spells

Feb 01, 2011
Here are some new ideas for level 88 spells! I hope you like them! :D I apologize if there is already a page like this written; I made one, then previewed it, then clicked the “submit” button. It said that I had to be logged in to use the forums page, and I wasn’t sure if it got posted. I didn’t see it when I searched The Dorms, so I decided it probably hadn’t been submitted. Sorry if it did. LOL :D Also, just so you know, the reason I didn’t come up with damage and stuff like that is because I’m not very good at that.
Balance School-Sphinx:
You see a little desert scene, with a small village among the dunes. Straw houses and Mander people are viewed easily from a bird’s-eye view. The Manders go about their business, carrying scrolls and buckets of water. Then the scene begins to shake. A huge stone Sphinx rises from the sand and stomps on the little town. Then it turns toward the target of the spell and roars. (Traps and Blades come into play here.) Then it pounces on the target and covers him/her with its paws.
Death School-Were Wolf
You see a dark forest scene. The ground is obscured by fog, and all the trees are dead. Then a shadowy figure jumps up onto a fallen log. You cannot see it, just its silhouette through the fog. Then, it stands up on its hind legs and morphs into a human(though you still can’t see it.) (Traps and Blades come into play here.) It points at the target, and the target is engulfed in fog. Then the full moon comes out, and the figure shrinks back to a wolf and runs off.
Life School-Black Bear
You see a peaceful little forest, with a deer grazing and a few rabbits here and there. The sky is sunny and the flowers are blooming. Then, the deer looks up. It and the little rabbits run off into the trees. Then, from the opposite direction as the deer ran, a huge black bear, standing on its hind legs, crashes through the trees. It roars. (Traps and blades come into play here.) Then it slashes its paw at the target and bursts of air(like from the Minotaur spell when it uses its axe) come from its claws, and hit the target.
Myth School-Gobbler King
You see a happy little seen inside a medieval castle. People are walking around, talking, eating, laughing, and dancing. A long table sits in the center of the room, covered in food. Suddenly the roof is ripped off the room. The Gobbler King(from Colossus Boulevard) looks down into the room and picks up the table. It tips the food into its mouth and chews noisily. Then it turns its back and walks away. (Traps and Blades come into play here.) He tosses the table behind him, and it flies and hits the target of the spell.
Storm School-Lightning Demon
You see Regent’s Square in Marleybone, and all the dogs and cats are just walking around minding their own business. Then, a massive crack appears in the ground. A huge dark purple claw appears and grabs the edge. Another claw does the same. Then a huge demon hoists itself out of the ground. It has a canine head, a bull’s body and hind legs, and sharp, demonic claws. And of course it’s purple. ;) It roars, and a lightning bolt appears in its hand.(Traps and Blades come into play here.) Then the demon turns toward the target and throws the lightning bolt at them. Then strange blue energy sucks the demon back into the hole as the demon kicks and fights, trying to break free.
Ice School-Giant Squid
You see two ice fishers… fishing in the ice. Wow. That’s really unexpected. Anyway… they are just sitting there, fishing, when the ice hole widens. It grows to a huge size, then two giant squid tentacles shoot out of the water and grab the fishermen. They get dragged under the water. For a few moments, all is silent. (Traps and Blades come into play here.) Then the squid bursts out of the water, wraps its tentacles around the target, and squeezes him/her. Then it sinks back into the water.
Fire School-Frozen Dragon
You see a massive dragon, frozen in an ice block, with snow all around. A man is walking around the ice block, observing it. Then, the dragon breathes fire and the ice melts. He breathes flames at the man, who is lost in the fire. Then the dragon turns toward the target.(Traps and Blades come into play now.) The dragon breathes fire on the target. Then it melts the snow around it with fire breath, curls up, and falls asleep. Then it begins to snow, and the dragon gets frozen again, as it grins slyly in its sleep.

Thanks for reading! I hope you like my ideas! :D

Olivia UnicornHorn, Level 44 Sorcerer