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New learnable spells is needed for PvP.

Aug 28, 2010
We really need a new spell for PvP, maybe from Diego the DuelMaster.
Something that anyone can get, as soon as they hit a certain level.
A spell is needed to remove traps that have been placed on you.
Any school trap that has been placed, maybe three traps at a time.
As it is now, if a Life Trap is put on me, I cannot take it off without a TC.
This doesn't work, if you have a long match, and your against a Jade player.

Even something like a reverse Earthquake would be good, even if it took
my shields. It would improve PVP the very moment it was released.

Oct 07, 2010
Aug 28, 2010
Charles GhostHunte... on Sep 13, 2014 wrote:
Cleanse Ward is a spell

Yes it is, but only one school has it as a learned spells, the rest have to use TC.
Now, imagine that you are a Balance wizard (for example, or it could be Ice, Fire, etc).
Now I am a Jade Life or Jade, and you are unable to really do any damage to me.
Lets say I have 94 resist to your school, or about that.
Now, I start stacking life blades and Traps on you over and over.
How do you get the Four or five or Six Life Traps off of you as I spam them before my reshuffle.
You will eventually run out of TC, but I won't run out of learned traps.....

Sep 19, 2013
Have you tried laughing at their pathetic damage? You can only really get 4 life traps max (regular, potent, item card, TC). Feints can be Sacrificed off, and blades can be removed with quake. Traps are weaker and single target only, so it stands to reason that they should be harder to remove.
Also, 3 or so life traps is near the average damage boost for most wizards, so if you can take a hit from a Life wizard you should be fine.

Aug 20, 2011
Yes. I would learn this spell, and I would also be willing to spend up to 4 pips using it.