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New items in the crown shop and bazaar!

Aug 10, 2011
hello everyone my wizard name is tyler dragonspear and i am level 78 death wizard so add me if you find me.now as you can see i will be posting lots of good ideas and i hope you consider it even though it may not be the best. If you like my idea plz comment! Ok, now to the good stuff. first, for the pets, you should be able to search it on the top bar and the pet would show up with a crown price. ex: death seraph or called tempest: 4,300 crowns, any type of crow(sun bird,ice bird and storm bird: 2,500 crowns. (there could be others so comment which is your favorite pet). the better the pet is the more crowns there is.I would also suggest that there would be pets in bazaar. like differemt pets all around the spiral from dragon sypre, wysteria, marleybone,mooshu,zafaria, avalon and azetec. plus there should be origanal pets to. the pets at the bazaar should be high priced like some are 20,00 some are 30,000 some are 50,000 and 40,000 25,000 and 15,000 in gold.Thx guys for reading, comment if you like it, and wizard101 makers plz try to consider it. thx!