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New Ideas for W101.

May 30, 2009
I've been brain storming with my friends, and we decided that an advanced wizard creator would be a great thing to have!
We were thinking:
Tall and Small option
More hair options
More than one style of 'noob' clothing
Fat and Thin option

My friends also suggested new emotes like:
Lying down
Hugging (Aww! xD)
Sitting down
Play dead
Kissing (Not my idea, friends idea xD But it'd be awfully good on valentine's day xD)

We also thought of more transformations:
Satyr (Yay let's be Grover off Percy Jackson! xD)
Rat magician
A henchman! (Like the ones you summon for a battle in the crowns shops!)

And lastly, for new mounts and abilities for those mounts:
School only mounts!
Balance: Hydra or Scorpian
Life: Centaur or A Life Unicorn (Like, not a normal unicorn, like the Fog Unicorn pet)
Death: Black Cat or Scarecrow
Myth: Cyclops or Blood Bat
Ice: Ice Wyvern or Colossus
Fire: Heckhound or Phoenix
Storm: Stormzilla or Kraken

And for non school requirement:
Eagle Wings (Brown wings)
Bird mounts (Like a humming bird or something... lol?)
Dog mounts! (Heh, ride a Ghost Hound o.O, might be kinda hard though with it being a GHOST and all!)
Hover boards
Maybe, like magic power mount? So if you wanted to, you could Wild Bolt you're way along, or make flowers carry you along. That'd be pretty cool!
A Triton! (Maybe a Fire triton, ice Triton, etc could be added)
Butterfly wings
Boots! (Like Boots of the Comet or something but with 40% on 7 day and permanent and 20% on 1 day.)

And abilities:
For flying mounts to have the ability to fly higher or lower. (Eg, a person with a broom could be flying high above WC)
For ground mounts to have the ability to have Super Speed (Eg, because they can't fly they can run super fast if their Owner asks them to!)
Be able to name them!
Dye them? Imagine a green pair of Seraph wings... LOL
I hope you consider these ideas, but I know there are better ones out there. Thanks,

Jul 01, 2009
I like most of the ideas but not all. The plat dead emote sounds pretty funny! :-)

Apr 07, 2010
I'n the Center of the road like the commons or regents square and the balisa and etc should have a street for cars only and you should be able to stir you're own car on wizard 101 but they can't crash other people because if they do their velichle would be wrecked and that would be bogus :P

May 21, 2009
CaptainChesse I pretty much LOVE all of your ideas. If KI added your ideas it would be a huge improvement ( I think. ) I love your ideas, peace, & ty for reading.

Christopher JadeBlade
lvl.50 Theurgist
Savior of the Spiral

Aug 13, 2010
The one idea of yours I would support the most is the ability to change Wizard height. Not all of us playing Wiz101 are children, you know

The 'Fat and thin' thing would be difficult to do because that would mean further tampering with the body's width and all the clothes that go with it.

I like your idea(s) for new mounts too. There is definitely a need for more of those...Hopefully they'd be affordable!

May 30, 2009
Thanks for your comments <3
I was also thinking, since there will be the Astral schools soon, we could have Astral houses. Imagine living on the moon... =D
Again, thanks for the comments =)

Jul 05, 2009
I would like it if you could swap items between multiple accounts. Let's say you have a family account so you have at least two logins and two family members playing. I'm paying for both accounts so why can't I share items in the shared bank. Maybe create a 'family bank' so you can save stuff then access between accounts.

I play with my son and sometimes I get items that his character can use because they are specific to a school. If I'm paying for it anyway, I don't understand why I can't share those items with him.


Oct 11, 2009
I LOVE ALL THE IDEAS!!!!! except the hoverboard. it would be cool and all but not even marleybone has learned how to make advanced technology like that. its not back to the future part II u know. O: maybe they could be magical hoverboard!!!!!!

Apr 30, 2009
Everything sounds great but itd be weird to ride piggyback on a cyclops.
maybe a chariot or something pilled by a cyclops or other myth thing :-)