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New Ideas For Spells

May 27, 2013
I want to hear all the spells you can up with and share your inner thoughts!
But... this is only for spell ideas
And along with that, go ahead, create a new spell from a different school that , you , want!
I hope you enjoy this category and...
May the odds, be in, your favor!

to start you off i have a spell for balance its called HOLY GRAIL, the spells has a staff that appears out of the clouds. Then it turns into a snake and attacks twice, with a bite and venom = 600, 4000 damage. After that it turns back into a staff but then it disappears, then it smashes toward the ground causing an earthquake to all enemies= 700

chris dawnmender
lvl 64

Nov 23, 2008
That's insanely overpowered, but would be a nice idea, without the earthquake.