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new ideas

Mar 07, 2009
me and my friend had two ideas for houses. one was making a dueling ring you can put in your house, and insert enemies in to battle them. two was having houses you can ut dungeons in as an actual street, eventually making your own world. who likes these ideas?

Jul 08, 2009
Well the dueling part they've kinda already done with the new Fantasy Palace, but the dungeon thing I'm not too sure about. It sounds like a great idea, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

Nov 14, 2009
i agree wit you i think you should let come to your houses and put people with quests in there, if you would like too see me go to plaza of conquests 4:30 pm on november 2 2010 ok matter of fact i saw someone in celestia and he was (by the way this was on the test realm) level 59 with 481 mana and 3816 health isnt that amazing i know it is plus in krokotopia (this is changing the idea) there was that guy again he was fighting this secret boss names ollopee okposhee and he was rand 12 with 15000 health you have to fight him ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you see a guy named DAVISICEBLADE have you seen him? well i guess i changed topics fast anyway my name is CHRISTOPHERWILLOWDUST have you ever done malistare he is so fun he gives clothes that give wraith well i hope they upgrade that quest house
well i hope you like wizard101 and you get to see me sometime and i am about to put a video on youtube of malistare well bye